My Musical VLOG

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

"Showgirl Shenaniganz."

A 10 episode musical blog.

Before finding my theater family in Guam...there was a vlog.




When I first got to Guam in December 2018, I had a very difficult time finding a theater community. In fact, I was convinced that there wasn’t one. There was little to no trace of any such company or community online. My searches had deadended.

And so, Showgirl Shenaniganz was born. I figured I could vlog about a fish outta water situation. A showbiz gal in a showbiz-less town and what mischief I could get into trying to create some theatrical happenings.

Showgirl Shenaniganz lasted about 9 episodes before I discovered a hidden gem of theater folk here on the island and infiltrated them with the stealth of an elephant in a bedazzled tutu and pink boa. The details of that is a whole other blog entry...

Showgirl Shenaniganz lasted 10 episodes before I joined the Guam GATE Theater Family and decided to put that version of my Vlog to bed.

My personal favorite episode: Singing Waitress! Watch below.

Here are my favorite episodes. The rest are available on my Youtube channel.

But don’t worry, new video projects are in the works and will be announced both here and on social media accounts. Facebook. Instagram.

For your viewing enjoyment, be sure to watch with full HD option ON.

Showgirl Shenaniganz Episode 4

Jen belts show tunes in the Naval Hospital....and gets asked to leave.

Showgirl Shenaniganz Episode 7

Jen relives her days as a Singing Waitress at the Fizz & Co. Diner

Showgirl Shenaniganz Episode 8

Jen makes musical theatre mischief in the high end mall.

Showgirl Shenaniganz Episode 9

Jen and Hailey song bomb unsuspecting men on Chatroulette.

Showgirl Shenaniganz Episode 10

Jen and the cast of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE Broadway song bomb unsuspecting men on Chatroulette.